Moving to a new home needs due to financial back-up for which mortgage vitally comes into the picture. However, it is essential to know which lender is perfect for you. A random or careless decision can cause a significant loss as you have no second chance when it comes to such a huge loan.

It is always confusing to know which one is the correct choice and what to pick. A list of most promising options can certainly help you make a clear decision. 

Here is a list of topmost lenders that you can consider for your need on the mortgage for moving home.

Lloyds Bank

Without any second thought, you can trust on this high street lender. Yes, the approach is rational, and you need to be perfect on all terms and conditions. However, the lender is sure to give you the best possible rates and suitable repayment plans.

CREDIT SCORE and EMPLOYMENT STABILITY are the two critical factors for this lender. The easy loan process creates no chaos in the name of documentation. If you are secure in your financial condition, you can get funds within 20 working days.


This lender has all the necessary financial tools to serve you with the right kind of deal. Its eligibility criteria and credit check process are accessible and understandable. You can even apply with poor credit if you have improved your recent financial behaviour. The lender gives you the chance to choose from the options of mortgage deals it offers to you.

Make sure your current income status is stable, as that is necessary to get a smooth approval.


It is known for taking care of its existing customers. If you want to move home smoothly, you will see many benefits as the customer of this bank.

The lender is ready to offer you new rates if you’re going to replace the real deal with the new one. The terms and conditions are clear, and there is no hidden fee or rules. Transparency is the most significant factor that makes people borrows funds from HSBC.


Few names are always unavoidable, Barclays is one among them, and you know that. Yes, the lender is reliable due to its well-established and professional approach towards the borrowers. It has a little bit lengthy process, but that is for your comfort to make sure that you get only a right deal.

Within 30 working days, you can get funds if you manage well on the part of formalities.


If you want a professional insight into the mortgage options before a final decision, the skilled staff will help you.  The experienced team of the lender gives you the due assistance, and you are never in a fix in the name of the loan procedure.

With complete clarity on everything, you can get through the process smoothly. The lender is ready to apply flexibility wherever it is possible whether it is in the interest rate or repayment plans.


You have a good number of choices for your moving home mortgage need. Arrange scrutiny of all the available options on a weekend and take a final decision. However, the corona has given you ample time to do in-depth market research (of course online) and then find your best one. To tell you something, all the lenders are now friendly to poor credit score if you show a strong repayment capacity.

A debate is always on which is the best option, but you know what, the one that suits your needs is the finest. Do not decide in haste as speed kills. You can also get the mortgage for moving home from a broker. All the above lenders are available in the panel of the broking companies like Shine Mortgages, Trussle etc.

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